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I'd like to see a "Cocktail" feature where the screen flips 180 for player 2.  Now, I know mostly mame games already have a ;cocktail'enable feature within the game menu, but what I'm asking is if it's possible to tell coinops, that whenever 2 players are selected, the screen will flip 180 degrees when player 2's turn comes, then flip back again for player one etc.  If this was possible within coinops, it would mean that no matter what game you load, it will be able to be played in a cocktail cabinet, and it would also mean that you don't have to go in and enable cocktail mode on 500 games manually lol.   I don't want split screen as a solution (I think), would prefer the full screen for each player when it's their turn to play.

Again, I have no idea if it's possible, but a suggestion

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